Sunken Treasure, Latil and Rivoire

Sunken Treasure
Pierre de Latil & Jean Rivoire

The accounts of shipwreck and salvage start with William Phips who recovered £300,000-worth of gold from a Spanish treasure ship and was knighted by James II. It includes the story of the Lutine upon which Lloyd’s paid £90,000 though little more than the ship’s bell was ever recovered. The authors disentangle the the stories of the Elisabethville and the Télémaque and the wrecks in Vigo Bay which yielded so little treasure and which so many people expected to yield so much. They tell the tale of Quaglia’s work with the Artiglio on the Egypt , the divers who brought up nearly £5 million-worth of gold from the Laurentic and the Niagara when German mines were drifting round the wreck.

Hardback with dust jacket in cellophane cover. Dust jacket rubbed at corners and edges but otherwise in good condition. Edges of endpapers slightly yellowed but inside pages in very good condition.

276 pages
Black and white photographs and illustrations throughout
150mm x 225mm (6 in x 9 in)
1962, Hill & Wang Inc


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