The Crimean War, A Reappraisal, by Philip Warner

The Crimean War, A Reappraisal
Philip Warner
Wordsworth Military Library edition

From a general historical perspective it would seem that the Crimean War was the most mismanaged, brutal and futile campaigns that has ever been fought. For well over 100 years it has been presented as the classic model of military and medical blundering. The fact that by the end the British Army had reached a high pitch of efficiency and that the campaign was one of extreme difficulty are all too frequently glossed over or completely ignored. In this reappraisal the author puts the record straight, defining the achievements and setbacks, the misfortunes, and the horror of the war in the context of time and place.

Paperback. Excellent condition.

216 pages
Central signature of black and white illustrations/photographs.
135 mm x 213 mm (approx. 5.25 in x 8.5 in)
2001, Wordsworth Editions Ltd, Ware, UK.


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