The History of Signboards, by J Larwood and J C Hotten

The History of Signboards, from the earliest times to the present day
Jacob Larwood and John Camden Hotten

Hardback with gilt motif on front cover and gilt lettering on spine. Mottled outside edges of pages and front few pages.
Front endpaper taped with white tape to front cover board.

General signboard history; Historic and commemorative signs; Heraldic and emblematic signs; Signs of animals and monsters; Birds and fowls; Fished and insects; Flowers, trees, herbs, etc; Biblical and religious signs; Saints, martyrs, etc; Dignities, trades and professions; The house and the table; Dress, plain and ornamental; Geography and topography; Humorous and comic; Puns and rebuses.

536 pages
Hand(?) coloured frontispiece; b&w illustrations throughout
135 mm x 197 mm (5.25 in x 8 in)
1884, Chatto and Windus


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