The Ocean Wave, by Henry Stewart

The Ocean Wave, Narratives of some of the greatest voyages, seamen, discoveries, shipwrecks and mutinies of the world.
Henry Stewart

Hardback with decorative cover. Bookseller’s sticker on inside front cover. Ink blot on back endpaper.
Very small pieces missing from the edge of some pages: p15, p77, p79, p221, p223 and last page.

The Great Discoverers, Old English sea-kings, Buccaneers and pirates, Commodore Anson’s voyage round the world, Adventures at sea, Captain Cook’s voyages, Mutinies of the British Navy, Anecdotes of English Admirals from Blake to Nelson, Lord Cochrane’s exploits, Stirring episodes in the American Civil War, Arctic explorations, Shipwrecks of recent times

384 pages
8 few black and white illustrations throughout the book.
130 mm x 190 mm (5 in x7.5 in)
1892, John Hogg, London


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