The Privateers, by Donald Macintyre

The Privateers, Piracy, Buccaneering and the spirit of Henry Morgan from the Middle Ages to the American Civil War
Donald Macintyre

Hardback with dust jacket in cellophane cover in excellent condition. Front endpaper stamped ‘H J Godfrey’.

Contents include:
The Spanish Main: Elizabethan privateering; Voyages of Christopher Newport and James Lancaster; Sir Henry Morgan; Woodes Rogers.
The French Corsairs: Jean Bart; Réné Duguay-Trouin; Robert Surcouf.
British and American privateers: War of Austrian Succession; War of American Independence; Napoleonic Wars; War of 1812 and American Civil War

196 pages
B&W illustrations and photographs
190 mm x 250 mm (approx. 7.5 in x 10 in)
1975, Paul Elek, London


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