The Strand Magazine, Vol XV, Jan–June 1898

The Strand Magazine, Vol XV, Jan–June 1898

Contents include:
Stilt racing, Old children’s books, Wasps, Insect strength, Contemporary celebrities Then & Now, Matchbox constructions, Royal menus, Rollerskating, Caran d’Ache, Indigenous masks, A woman’s chance of marriage, Old jest books, From Cairo to Cataract, From behind the Speaker’s chair, Lewis Carroll, Journey to Jerusalem, William Quiller Orchardson RA, Anthills, Car ferries, Battlefields, Welsh Queens of the May, Picture-writing, Postmen of the world, A submarine boat (Argonaut).

Hardback in protective cellophane wrapper. Spots on cover and spine. Endpapers discoloured in similar fashion. Inside front cover abraded where an inscription has been erased. Inside pages in good condition.

804 pages (weighs 1.7 kg)
Black and white illustrations and photographs
175 mm x 242 mm (7 in x 9.5 in)
1898, George Newnes Ltd


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