The Underwater Handbook, by Shilling, Werts and Schandelmeier

The Underwater Handbook, A guide fo physiology and performance for the diver
Editors: Charles W Shilling, Margaret F Werts, Nancy R Schandelmeier

Hardback with dust jacket in cellophane wrapper. Dust jacket rubbed ad torn with pieces missing from top of spine and lower back cover. Inside pages in good condition.

The human machine
The ocean as an environment
Man in the ocean environment: physical and physiological factors
The high pressure nervous syndrome and other other pressure effects
Diet and metabolism
Man in the ocean environment: psychophysiological factos, performance
Decompression sickness
Operational safety considerations
Operational equipment
Underwater communications
Selection and training of divers

912 pages
B&W photos and illustrations
175 mm x 258 mm (7 in x 10 in)
1976, John Wiley & Sons


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