The Wide World Magazine, Vol 112, 1953/54

The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 112, 1953
Issue numbers: 664 to 669, October 1953 to March 1954

Stapled paperback booklets in fair condition. The spines are stained (especially, 664–666). All covers have small marks on them.

Contents include:
The angry wind, by D Woodward Weaver
The secret submarine, by J A Weston
The yogi of Bhagalpur, by G Statham
Beware of elephants, by J Doody
The dope runners, by J D Telfer
Vagabonding in Corsica, by C E Kettlewell
Jungle man-hunters, by J H Sheppard
Antarctic tragedy, by J T Carr
Down the Zambesi on a raft, by R J Chittenden
Six years in ‘sail’, by G Robertshaw
Exploring the skeleton coast, by J Brown
Australia’s mounted police, by G Farwell
Killer cats of British Columbia, by C V Tench
With a bicycle in Babylonia, by W Rajkowski
High adventure in Yugoslavia, by Tom Weir
Tasmanian experiment, by K S Kirton
In search of treasure, by J H Turner
The hottest place on earth, by R C Henderson
Sea lion islands, by C V Tench

Colour cover; b&w interior
180 mm x 248 mm (approx. 7 in x 9 in)
1953/4, George Newnes Ltd, London.


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