The Wide World Magazine, Vol 113, 1954

The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 113, 1954
Issue numbers: 670 to 675, April to September 1954

Stapled paperback booklets in fair condition. The tops of some of the spines are very worn – especially numbers 674 and 675. All have small marks or creases on the cover.
674: Top corner of front cover has small piece missing;  Lower outer edge of the first handful of pages are stained.
675: cover missing

Contents include:
Robinson Crusoe’s island, by J Anderson-Rosendal
The water bringer, by G Farwell
Cycling round the world, by J M Sheppard
‘chink running’, by J F Wilson
Land without women, by C Norlund
Desert cities of M’Zab, by R Smith
The white porpoise, by Lt Cdr W G McNeilly
Pork knocking, by W I B crealock
The mountain of gold, by Major J Pardees and E T Dirking
They harry the head huinters, by C C Fuller
To the Sahara by bus, by G Statham
The Midland payroll robbery, by ‘Nemo’
Diamond cut diamond, by N A R
The land of wonders, by M Burr
Seeking sunken gold, by P Suveran and H V Gill
Stowaway to the Arctic, by T H Inkster
Fox hunting extraordinary, by W Charnely

Colour cover; b&w interior
170 mm x 225 mm (approx. 6.75 in x 9 in)
1954, George Newnes Ltd, London.


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