The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 114, 1954/55

The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 114, 1954/5
Issue Numbers: 676 – 681, October 1954 – March 1955

6 issues. Stapled paperback booklets in fair condition. Staples rusty and stained some pages.
676: Small scribbles at bottom edge of front cover
677: Lower edge of front cover scuffed

Contents include:
Saharan adventure, by Brian Stuart
A day with ostriches, by H H Ferry
Diamond fever, by W E Fleming
Diamonds for the picking, by J St Clare
Kabul bazaar, by Harrison Forman
Hunting polar bears, by J C Carp
Aboriginal rain making, by Ross Annabell
The mystery of dead man’s valley, by P H Godsell
Wealth in birds’ nest, by R M English
Catching wild pigs alive, by Stanton Hope
Unknown New Zealand, by ‘Kiwi’
‘Juju’ in modern Africa, by J V Metcalfe
War on the dingo, by L T Sardone
The hermit of the barrens, by P H Godsell

Colour covers; b&W interiors.
180 mm x 247 mm  (approx. 7 in x 9.75 in)
1954/5, George Newnes Ltd, London


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