The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 51, 1923

The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 51, 1923
Issue numbers: 301 to 306, April to September 1923

Reading copies only. Stapled paperback booklets in very worn condition.
301: No cover. Top corner worn away for most of the pages
304: Top right hand corner of cover missing.

Contents include:
The tobacco smugglers of the Belgian border, by J Sutton Paterson
Three Asses in the Pyrenees, by Leo Walmsley
A woman in unknown Albania, Rose Wilder Lane
The Coughlin kidnapping case, by Katherine Mayo
The house of death, by Cockrell and Thomason
Bali – The isle of wonder, Dale Collins
Down the Araguaya in a dug out, by R Pound
Our trip to the bird islands, by J E Hogg
The cannibal islands, by Clifford W Collinson
The children of the wilderness (Magnolia), by Juliet Bredon
The rum runner, by E R Spencer
England’s oddest treasure trove, b J Douglas Kerruish

Colour cover; b&w interior
168 mm x 248 mm (approx. 6.75 in x 9.75 in)
1949/50, George Newnes Ltd, London.


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