The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 80, 1937/38

The Wide World Magazine, Vol. 80, 1937/38
Issue numbers: 475 to 480, October 1937 to March 1938

Stapled paperback booklets in worn condition. Staples have rusted and stained the pages – in some cases they have rusted through and loosened the pages. All have marks or creases on the cover.

Contents include:
The underground pirates, by W van Loeven and E B Osborn
Our search for  the ‘Mission gold’, by R F Simmons
Marooned in the ‘Lost World’, by W Charnley
Lions and their ways, by L G Green
Seeking the ‘salt caravan’, by Thornton Freeland
Down in the desert, by E H Roung and P L Langdale
My cycle trip to Spain, by J Nolan
Vikings of the East, by L G Green
The Tatanoola tiger, by W Charnley
The wolves of the cascades, by F Mossman
Pipeline pirates, by E W Barton
Fur seal migration, by N de Bertrand Lugrin

Colour cover; b&w interior
168 mm x 248 mm (approx. 6.75 in x 9.75 in)
1937/38, George Newnes Ltd, London.


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